Abstract Painting from the Norwegian Artist A.Styrkestad Haukaas


Abstrakte Malerei von Astri Styrkestad Haukaas

Wir lieben Kunst und wir liebe Frauen, die für ihre Träume hart arbeiten.


Abstract Painting from the Norwegian Artist, she lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Haukaas’ artistic practice is driven by the process, by cause and effect, and by allowing herself to be influenced by the materials she works with. Another key component is her eye for colors, which span from deep melancholy to a feathery lightness, and her way of juxtaposing and combining them gives her paintings a sense of gravity, and almost skinlinke tactility. Her current paintings reflect her process-oriented way of working by unfolding like microcosms, and by not forcing the spectators gaze in a specific direction, she opens up the canvas and allows the paint to tell its own story.

Astri runs the gallery and artist workspace KVIT in Copenhagen, together with Ingjerd Heggem Nergaard.


Material: Glass

Size: One Size