Armreif Mit Customized Gravur In Echt Silber

Simplicity is key for these handcrafted bangles. Timeless and perfectly fitted is what we love about this for WALD customized silver jewellery. Handmade in Germany with love. With your customized engraving wish, just made for you.

10 LETTERS ARE INCLUDED.More letters are possible of course

ATTENTION NO RETURNS for this article.

Maße & Details:

  • Klein: Breite ca. 5,5 cm, Höhe ca. 4,1 cm - Öffnung ca. 2,8 cm
  • Groß: Breite ca. 6,0 cm, Höhe ca. 4,5 cm - Öffnung ca. 2,9 cm
    Armreif L: Breite ca. 6,4 cm – Höhe ca. 4,7 cm – Öffnung ca. 3,1 cm 

Material: 925 Sterling silver