The La Piscina Just A Friend Pearl Necklace by WALD Berlin, featuring a white beaded design with a gold clasp, a single shell pendant, and delicate pearls, offers an adjustable length for the perfect fit.
The WALD Berlin La Piscina Just A Friend Pearl Necklace with an adjustable length, featuring a gold clasp and a single shell pendant, is displayed on a light marble surface with a white fabric backdrop.
Close-up of a person wearing two necklaces: a short, Fairtrade piece with a small, simple pendant, and a longer one with pearls and an adjustable length featuring a large shell pendant from the La Piscina Just A Friend Pearl Necklace by WALD Berlin.
A person with long red hair, freckles, and wearing a red lace outfit poses with one arm behind their head against a blue background. They are adorned with various necklaces, including a striking La Piscina Just A Friend Pearl Necklace by WALD Berlin made from Fairtrade pearls.
Close-up of a person's face with freckles, closed eyes adorned with glitter makeup, and a La Piscina Just A Friend Pearl Necklace by WALD Berlin draped over one eye against a red background.

La Piscina Just A Friend Pearl Necklace


169 €

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We designed a new version of our bestseller just a friend necklace with a beautiful pearl necklace this time. Such a good everyday necklace, cute but very special.

We source our pearls from non-protected species in China. They are from certified farms that plant and harvest according to strict and international environmental criteria. 

Each pearl is hand-selected by a mother from our Fairtrade collective and assembled by hand in Germany.

Made in Germany 

Size: adjustable length 39-46 cm

Material sweet water pearls, real shell, Swarovski stone and 18 k gold plated brass details 

Article Number 4251925813084
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All of our products are made in Germany, with great care about production and its impact. We source recycled materials and manufacture with a fair trade collective of women based in Germany.
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