An exquisite La Piscina Paris Paris Earrings featuring a large pearl shell and a smaller pearl detail at the top, crafted with Fairtrade sterling silver by WALD Berlin.
La Piscina Paris Paris Earrings by WALD Berlin on a white napkin set against a marble surface.
Close-up of a person's ear adorned with multiple piercings, including a large shell earring with a Fairtrade pearl and two piercings with small La Piscina Paris Paris Earrings by WALD Berlin above it.
Close-up of a person's ear adorned with La Piscina Paris Paris Earrings by WALD Berlin, designed to resemble a snail shell with a small gemstone at the center. The person has long, wavy reddish hair and freckles. This beautiful piece is part of a Fairtrade collective, ensuring ethical craftsmanship.

La Piscina Paris Paris Earrings


149 €

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A real statement earring with a unique and elegant summer style.
For our earrings, we use a sterling silver plug, which is gold-plated, so that we can be sure that the often-sensitive ears do not suffer from allergies. Our earrings are hand-made by the mothers working at our Fairtrade collective in Germany. We only use precious materials such as cultured pearls, silver and gemstones.

We source our shells from non-protected species mostly in the Philippines. They are from certified farms that plant and harvest according to strict and international environmental criteria. 

Each shell is hand-selected by a mother from our Fairtrade collective and assembled by hand in Germany.

Made in Germany 

Size 5cm

Material real Shell, Sweet water Pearl, Swarovski Stone and 925 silver earring 


Article Number 4251925813053
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All of our products are made in Germany, with great care about production and its impact. We source recycled materials and manufacture with a fair trade collective of women based in Germany.
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