About Us

Fair Trade Jewelry Made In Germany

Our founder Dana Roski created WALD Berlin to empower women with jewelry made by our fair trade collective in Germany.

How it all began

WALD Berlin was founded by the stylist and mother of two boys Dana Roski around 2012. It originally started as a bricks and mortar concept store in Berlin Mitte. After taking a creative break, the founder decided to re-launch the boutique as an online-only store, stocking a selection of curated lifestyle brands. The switch from bricks & mortar to online allowed her to travel the world and be inspired to launch her very own brand in 2018 - WALD Berlin.

What drives us / Our ambition

While the inspiration behind WALD’s design stems from all over the world, from the founder’s experiences and travels abroad, the company still has its roots in Germany and is proud to be a fair trade and family-oriented business, supporting women, mothers and grandmothers all over Germany. With this collective of women, WALD tries to empower and give back to some of the most important members of society, who often enough struggle to resume their career after being a full-time mum and are likely to be overlooked unfairly. Every single piece - in some point of its manufacturing process - goes through the hands of one of the women working at our collective. They are a vital part in the production of all of our pieces.

The environment is WALD’s priority

At WALD, we believe in ‘closing the loop’. All the silver and gold, used for our jewellery, is recycled. For example, the silver wire, which we use in some of our pieces, is specifically made for us in Berlin, and any leftovers from the production are collected and reused in future manufacturing. The chains we use for our pieces are made in a more than 100-year-old family business in southern Germany. Since shells and corals are part of WALD’s most iconic pieces, we work closely together with a team of German biologists to ensure that none of the sourced pieces are on a protected-species-list. Next to that, we just launched our own customer repair service to ensure the longevity and sustainability of our pieces and your happiness.

Made in Germany…

Generally, all of our manufacturing is done exclusively in Germany, which allows for a transparent production chain. Next to that, most of the materials that we use for our products are made in Germany, too, which we are very proud of. We are in the position to guarantee that each piece is finished by hand, if not handmade completely.

… but available worldwide

With mentions in top tier publications, such as Vogue US, Who What Wear and Elle, WALD has established an international name and is well-known across the German border. International celebrities like Marion Cotillard or Gigi Hadid have worn our jewellery and accessories to official events, which is a great compliment to our brand. WALD pieces are available online worldwide, but can be also be found in exclusive stores like the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harvey Nichols in London or OOAK in Shanghai.

What we are working on

To become an even more environmentally-friendly business, we are aiming to use 100% certified renewable electricity and reducing unnecessary waste wherever we can. To do so, we are working on a way to only send you our beautiful pieces in reusable packaging. Moreover, we have recently changed our shipping provider, and are happy to be working with a workshop for disabled from now on. The result is that our shipping costs have increased slightly, but it also means that you are supporting a social cause while shopping with us. WALD intends on continuing co-operations with social causes such as this one in the future.

Our promise

We at WALD BERLIN aim to always stay true to our idea of creating sustainable, classic pieces, with a modern twist, and to simultaneously act responsibly in order to leave a positive impact on the earth and to enhance and brighten up your everyday life with our pieces.